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1. 100 W LED

A 100W LED Flashlight made of Aluminium Angles

100W LED

2. Surface Transducer Speaker

Surface Transducer Speaker is a speaker where the cone of a traditional speaker is replaced by a disk


3. Two Factor Login

Two Factor Login system is a system designed to provide two layers of security both hardware and software where a users gets notified once his /her compuer is accessed. also a user needs a valid rfid tag to swithc on the PC or power outlet

Two Factor Auth

4. IC555 Deconstructed

IC 555 is one of the most popular IC’s in the electronics world and is the one that most beginners try out as they venture in the world of electronics. As of 2003 billion ics were sold every year.

IC 555 Deconstructed

5. Slim Jim Antenna

The Slim Jim variation of the J-pole antenna has characteristics and performance similar to a simple or folded Half-wave antenna and identical to the traditional J-pole construction.

Slim Jim Antenna

6. Rpi Zero WiFi Car

This project in its current form is a raspberry pi zero based wifi car platform. Although this platform can be expanded into futher projects involving autonomus operation, image recognition this platform currently can be used as a simple keyboard operated car connected over WiFi.

Rpi0 Wifi Car

7. GPS Navigation Human Machine Interface (HMI)

This Project aims at providing a simplified and straight forward way of providing GPS data while driving a vehicle. It uses an LED ring to point directions to the user and an OLED screen to display distance information.

GPS Navigation HMI

8. LoRa Node using TCL Network

This Project is aimed at building a basic sandbox LoRa node which could interface with any sensor (Temperature & Humidity in this case) and communicate with Tata Communications Limited (TCL) LoRa network.

LoRa Node