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Monday November 18, 2013


IC 555 Deconstructed


IC 555 is one of the most popular IC’s in the electronics world and is the one that most beginners try out as they venture in the world of electronics. As of 2003 billion ics were sold every year. This was a fun project to try and break down the IC 555 and construct it out of individual transistors and resistors(20 transistors, 15 resistors). This was used as a teaching model to get a further perspective into the gates which are usally shown to represent the IC 555’s block diagram. datasheet

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Finished Protoboard in acrylic enclosure

555 in an acrylic enclosure

Eagle Design

Screenshot from 2017-11-28 13-12-15.png



Final Thoughts

The finished circuit had few timing flaws most probably due to longer PCB traces and/or component discrepancies.

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